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Product Details

Efficient module is one of the main parts of the PV system. We provide wide range of solar panels from 10Wp to 325Wp, using the latest generation of high output solar cells. We have been providing solar panel since 2007 in Bangladesh. Those panels were installed everywhere in Bangladesh including most of the villages by the Partner Organizations of IDCOL and the local dealers/ local organizations working with solar energy.

Our Modules can be used for various applications ranging from several megawatts to modules for private individuals, with a guaranty of high performance. Our commitment is to provide the best product to our customers. Our imported solar panels are only made of Grade “A” solar cells, which are one of the best ones on the market. We can ensure a very high efficiency and more than 25 years lifespan thanks to our requirements in terms of materials as well, appearance is our concern.

Our solar panels have no cracks, no dirt, and no broken cells. The TPT back sheet is strong, flat and smooth. Our target is always to sell quality products in the market instead of quantity. Due to quality price of our panel is higher than the locally available products.

Our panels are IDCOL approved. IDCOL approved solar panels are 10Wp, 20Wp, 30Wp, 40Wp, 50Wp, 65Wp, 80Wp, 85Wp, 100Wp, 120Wp. However, except those we also stock 15Wp, 130Wp, 140Wp.