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Current stock of CS5030A and CS6550A- X Ray Baggage Scanner.

RenTec imports Archway Metal Detector, X-Ray Baggage Scanner, Body Scanner, Hard Disk Drive, from different countries and Brand as per demand of the clients.

X-Ray Scanner has the following features, which provides the users with more convenient and quicker service.

• High definition image
Adopt a new generation of HD schema design, providing clear images and stable performance.
• Intelligent alarm
User can set the alarm threshold, and realize acousto‐optic alarming prompt when the impermeable items are detected.
• Image management
The product has a built‐in image management system, which enables users to browse the saved images quickly.
• Dynamic processing
Dynamic processing, real‐time display, optimization functions like edge enhancement, amplification and so on.
• Green lead curtain
Wear‐resistant, pollution‐free, long service life.
• Network interface
Use standard Ethernet port to transmit images with rapid processing and great anti‐interference performance.
• Shutdown with one key
When you try to turn off the equipment, just rotate the key, which is convenient and simple.
• Self‐diagnose
Automatically prompt when failure is detected, and be convenient to maintain.
• Intelligent roller
Roller will automatically rotate when there is luggage on the conveyor belt, otherwise, the roller will stop rotating making this
product environmental‐friendly and energy‐saving.